20 June 2006

Hello? Can You Hear Me Now?

Dandelion was a while back, but life took over from blogging for a while. Hence my lateness.

But I did indeed go to Dandelion, and I behaved myself very well, which I'm happy to report. I'd hate to have to tell you I was bad.

No, no, I was good. I did bitch about the mud, which was legion, but I didn't bitch about the activities, on account of being careful not to go to anything I didn't want to do.

This would be the advantage of having gotten older. I don't do what I don't want to do. (No point to it, really; I won't do it well, anyway. May as well stay home.)

I was chuffed to get to be one of the four founders of Reclaiming there -- that was fun -- and I loved seeing old friends, and catching up on YEARS of gossip, and I did love sharing a cabin with my former roommates and coveners Star and Rosie -- it's lovely, the way one falls right back into old patterns of behavior. Well, the nice patterns of behavior; the joking and the bossing each other around. Yep. Loved that.

Also I was proud to be the 3Rivers Reclaiming representative. My report: There are about three of us. We don't need fixed. We need connected. (Cheers at this.)

But my favorite day was the day in which, in consensus process, the Reclaiming tradition got restructured; it's decentralized, and it's inclusive.

I'm not the leader of ANYTHING, but I did sign up for two committees, the cyberspace committee (duh), and the connecting small groups committee (duh).

And the only other thing I have to report is that if you're in the Berkshires, and it's raining, and your cell phone provider is T-Mobile, you spend a lot of your goddamn free time standing in a field looking like a Verizon commercial.