09 March 2011

Best Tea Cups Evar

Here's a cupboard of sun. Want. Ren is really posting about the cups up at the top of the photo, which come in colors other than yellow. I'm posting about the yellow tea cup and the yellow jug and plate below.

My own tea cup is now on its second incarnation; also yellow and cheery, but enormous (it must hold four refined cups of tea). Alas, it is no longer available. My giant yellow teapot, also on its second incarnation, now requires a third, as once again its lid has broken. I'm hard on the teaware.

Got a minute here before lunch, to go find yellow teapots. Catch ya later.

03 March 2011

Writer's Site Coming!

Yesterday I drove up to Butler, to meet with my friend Cindy from Big Big Design; she helped me put together a web site (which I can update, but she'sll manage -- excellent plan!) to corral my writing, so that when editors ask for my website I'll have one.

Excellent pieces of the trip: 1) seeing Cindy, of course; 2) not getting VERY lost, only a LITTLE bit; 3) picking out the template.

Instead of having a site designed from the ground up -- which of course, Big Big Designs can do, cause they're, like, you know, Big -- I chose the fast template model. I saw several that were just lovely, but one that was not only quite striking, but made me laugh every time I saw it. I picked that one.

When it's up -- a few weeks, I think -- I'll post the update.