27 July 2011

Help Create Movie! Exciting Opportunity!

So, my buddy Starhawk is all involved in making her novel The Fifth Sacred Thing into a movie, which is awesome and great -- it's a good story* -- and she's all meeting with important people and stuff,** and it's all exciting, and she's looking for a director and all, AND in order to make this project exciting for top directors, she needs to show that there's an audience out there saying where the hell is my movie, I want my movie dammit, get this movie out there so I can go see it in theaters and then buy the DVD with all the extras, like interviews with Star, and perhaps also the opportunity to watch the whole thing over with commentary by the actors. One of whom should probably be Angelina Jolie. Just sayin'.

And so now this whole show-your-interest-in Star's-book-becoming-a-movie project is like 85% done, BUT there is still the opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Even just a little bit of money -- like a dollar, she says -- is useful; it's the numbers of interested people who matter. One of whom you may be, if you desire.

So consider this your artistic public service announcement -- still time to send in a tiny bit of money, and back Star's novel-into-movie project.

Star! Film it in Pittsburgh! We are awesome! Also, I will feed you lunch. Oh, and Angelina, too, no prob.

Does she like corgis?
*When I moved out here to Pittsburgh, Star sent along one of the proofs of the manuscript of the novel so I could read it, though I had moved so far from San Francisco alas, and I did read it, and I liked it, and then she asked for it back and I refused to give it back and pulled the I am so sad cause I had to leave you and San Francisco and my coven and go to PITTSBURGH fer the love of gawd can't I keep it card, and she let me, cause she's so nice. Book came out anyway, so I gather I did not cause Horrible Problems.

**My imaginary version of this looks a lot like Tina on The L-Word having meetings, but probably in Star's case they weren't quite like that.