12 October 2009

08 October 2009

07 October 2009

Haunted by Willy Wonka in Reverse

Truly terrifying. The wierdest part (for me) is being almost able to understand English in reverse, which sounds like some Scandinavian language I haven't picked up yet.

06 October 2009

Haunted by a Past That Surely Can't Get Much Older Than This

They've found a mummified baby wooly mammoth, still in excellent condition -- for a dead mammoth -- even down to the mother's milk still in its stomach.

05 October 2009

Haunted by Non-Existent Past

We never actually danced like this; what would the world be like if we had?

04 October 2009

Haunted By the REEEALLY Old Past

Not that many rune stones show up in Norway these days -- the last one found was discovered in 1947 -- but there's one that turned up in a garden in Mandal, -- it's on the southern coast, the lowest tip -- one of our ancestral hometowns. Still have cousins there. Lovely place. It's in Vest Agder. It has three salmon on the coat of arms. Now I'm homesick, just thinking about it. Which is odd, since I've never lived there. Just seen the cousins, and the ruined foundations of the farmstead where my great grandmother lived...Where was I...Oh, right, rune stones. There are about 3,000 in Scandinavia. Mostly carved in honor of dead men. The one they've found is a pretty early one.

03 October 2009

Long-term Hauntings

For a very long time the main ghost that haunted me was the poetry I wasn't writing. Towards the end of the summer, though, I started writing about 3 or 4 poems a week. After classes started, my output went down -- about one a week now. Not bad, though; that's 52 a year, if this keeps up. And it's a lot more than none.

02 October 2009

Annoying Hauntings

If you're in my Horror Lit class, you're having a nice lot of ghosts to consider -- or, sometimes, maybe ghosts, as in the case of Turn of the Screw -- but generous helpful ghosts are not appearing in our texts this semester.

However, they do, apparently, exist.

And then you have to get rid of them, just as if they were the nasty sort, cause they cause terrible problems, giving all your goods away.

01 October 2009

Haunted: Day 1

The theme for NaBloPoMo this month is Haunted, and I signed up. Because, really, mostly what's haunting me is this blog. Yes, I think. Sign up to write something every day. That'll get it jump started again.

Good plan.

That's enough for now, though.