21 July 2007

No Dogs

The update on the eagerly awaited dogs is not a good one, alas.

The dogs that were so quiet and easy-going at the Grove needed a LOT more room than the Beloved's house and yard offer. (We'd been concerned about that, but they spent all day sleeping at the Grove, and were reported to be couch potatoes. Not so much, when they got here.) The dogs that were supposed to be good with cats hunted them. The dogs that were house trained relieved themselves all over the rug, with complete unconcern. The dogs that were obedience trained recognized no obedience commands I've eaver heard of. No, wait, that's not entirely true. One of them had a vague notion that "sit" means something sort of. Occasionally for a second. The dogs that were best friends at the Grove fought badly -- in my years of living in the middle of a Norwegian Elkhound pack, back when my mom was in the dog showing and breeding life, I hadn't seen house dogs fight like that.

They couldn't be left by themselves in the house -- on account of the cat chasing and the relieving themselves all over the rug -- so The Beloved went and bought crates, and the crates worked for one of them but the other had hysterics.

We don't really know what happened to them, but our guess is that at the Grove they were ok, but that coming into a house with one person, and being the only dogs, took them back psychologically to the situation they'd been rescued from, and that situation was worse than anybody thought. They loved her, they loved me, they wanted to please, they're darling and bright and beautiful, but they can't be placed together, and they need a lot more time and work than anybody knew.

(I want to say very clearly that we don't think the Grove was at fault here. They'd had the dogs as puppies; they'd known them well then; the dogs had been placed for about 6 months or so and then had come back; we think that, very simply, the dogs are different dogs at the Grove than ehy are in a home, and that the reports of their training were greatly exaggerated.)

The upshot of all this was that we both pretty much lost a week out of our lives; The Beloved was living with the dogs, but I was over there giving her a chance to leave the house when she needed to, and we're both shattered about it. She drove the dogs back last Thursday, and we've thought about whether we could take either of them -- especially the less damaged one -- but we've come to decide that it's too much. Training a puppy takes a lot of patience and time, but it's a surer proposition than retraining a dog that's already been taught some bad things. And they just need more room than a small city townhouse provides.

So that's where things are. Thanks to those of you who contacted me about the exciting news that the dogs were coming. I wish that things had worked out. Just today I opened up an order from King Arthur and I see that I'd ordered dog biscuit mix.

The child and I are researching small dogs, one that would fit legally (and physically) into my apartment.

At present we're focused on the seldom seen Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

So maybe a puppy will be in the future.

But at the moment our hearts are broken.


Anonymous said...

i just want to say i had a beloved pembroke welsh corgi for 12 years and miss her a lot! these guys are great! they have big dog brains in a smaller package and are a courageous(sp?) and healthy breed. oh, i'm excited you're considering their cousins!! panther

Anonymous said...

thank you for trying. thank you for having the courage to know it will not work out.
When I found the badly named Angel
and his carer answered my adverts saying i had found him, saying she did not what him back i could not understand. He was a perfect cat. Obviously he did the opposite of the dogs, he was good until he was settled and I lost my heart to him, then he turned into the demon cat from hell. He ripped my friends arm open! i was always covered with open wounds, everytime i had guests he would screw the teddy bear! he would go around guests legs looking cute, and despite my warnings they would lean down to pet him and he would strike and draw blood.
So glad you got to know immediately it wouldn't work out.
be happy be so so happy. x ann f from dear old wet very wet england

Owldaughter said...

I'm so, so sorry to hear it. It is heartbreaking when four-footed family can no longer be with you, whatever the reason.

Love to you and the boy.

deborah oak said...

So sorry, Pandora! It seems my house turns normally well behaved dogs into some kind of dog thugs so I understand. Who knows why...friends come with their dogs and all of a sudden they are peeing and pooping with abandon. I've recently made the house a no dog zone except for Gus who lives below (who also is very ill behaved) and just have to shake my head in puzzlement.

Vanessa said...

Awww, I'm sorry about the dogs. I'm sure you and your Beloved did everything you could.

On the upside, Christina will be filled with joy if you join her in Corgi-owning.

Also, New Blog Yay! I've missed reading you.

Anonymous said...

Cairn Terriers are better than Corgis. LOL

Love Jezebel & the Magical Hounds

(Stella & Violet - The Exceptional Cairn Terriers)

Anonymous said...

Cairn Terriers are better than Corgis. LOL

Love Jezebel & the Magical Hounds

(Stella & Violet - The Exceptional Cairn Terriers)

Reya Mellicker said...

What a sad story, and how traumatic for everyone.

My dog, Jake (bless his geriatric heart), was a rescue dog. Whatever happened to him before he was rescued has remained in his psyche as strong now as when he was a puppy. I love Jake. Over the years I figured out how to manage life with Jake, but I would never, not ever, adopt a rescue dog again.

Hope you're all recovering from the collision!