12 February 2011

Beowulf Socks

Over at The Sanguine Gryphon, Sarah, Gryphon, and the Elves design, among other things, literary knits.

I now have beautiful hand dyed yarn, and the pattern to make it into a pair of "Hwaet!" socks, which have knit into them the beginning lines of Beowulf. Because clearly the universe loves me.

And no. You can NOT buy the socks. You have to knit them yourself, or find somebody to do it. (And nope, not me! Sorry.)


A. Hiscock said...

Are those not just wonderful? I have a bunch of friends who have queued them, too. I, alas, must admire them from afar, because I am not allowed to handle needles smaller than size 8, nor attempt colourwork, for the sake of al those around me.

Pandora said...

Oh, Autumn, I'm so sorry you're not allowed to use the tiny needles. Cause these are RIGHT up your alley. Have you seen the rest of the designs? Lovely site. And the yarns are delightful.

Karen said...

I LOVE those... and Sanguine Gryphon is awesome. :)

I am eying also, for somewhere down in the queue, some colorwork mittens by this designer:

Happy knitting!

Anonymous said...

Seven, eight months between postings on my favorite blog by my favorite person-I've-never-met? I guess I can live with that. ;-)

Amazing socks. I'm in the middle of reading "War and Peace," which, admittedly, doesn't have the same caché at all. Not to mention that if someone were to design "War and Peace" socks, the first word, at least per the translation I'm reading, would be "Well." Nope, not the same caché at all.

Ryan said...

Erk. Forgot to put name and blog in my comment. Provided herewith.