03 March 2011

Writer's Site Coming!

Yesterday I drove up to Butler, to meet with my friend Cindy from Big Big Design; she helped me put together a web site (which I can update, but she'sll manage -- excellent plan!) to corral my writing, so that when editors ask for my website I'll have one.

Excellent pieces of the trip: 1) seeing Cindy, of course; 2) not getting VERY lost, only a LITTLE bit; 3) picking out the template.

Instead of having a site designed from the ground up -- which of course, Big Big Designs can do, cause they're, like, you know, Big -- I chose the fast template model. I saw several that were just lovely, but one that was not only quite striking, but made me laugh every time I saw it. I picked that one.

When it's up -- a few weeks, I think -- I'll post the update.

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