28 December 2005

Dark Moon Advice. Sort of. Well, not really...

As part of the walking the dark exercise I mentioned earlier, I decided, round about September or so, to do extra special work every dark moon, so as to fully experience all the dark moon had to offer.

Every dark moon evening, therefore, I take honey cakes (or some sort of equivalent; basically what's in the cookie jar is excellent, I think) down to the crossroads (which is in front of the house, a bit to the side, where a road comes in to make a "T" shape) and leave them there; then I go upstairs and slather myself in black clay from the Dead Sea (I consider this Fairly Meaningful), lie around in meditative fashion till the stuff dries; then get into the bath and scrub all the stuff off (using nice ginger skin scrub with glycerin), and then have a Trance, using the meditations in Gail Wood's Rituals of the Dark Moon as a base.

I expected these dark moon evenings to have a gentle slow effect on my life, one which would gently reveal to me the things I needed to know or have revealed, gently, slowly. Gently, as I say.

Well, not so much. The first month was all about revealing hidden things, and oh, wasn't THAT exciting, and wasn't I just OVERJOYED to have those particular conversations. Then, when I'd got over that, there was one that was about tidal waves or some such, and that was pretty damn exciting, too, and I'm just lucky that I was able to rebuild the relationships that got in the way of that one, which were still recovering from having All Revealed. Then I think there was one on creativity, and I ended up all of a sudden with a bunch more stuff to do, in creative fashion.

Gentle, slow, no. This moon, on Friday, is (I looked ahead) all about Power.

Oh, lovely! Can't wait.

I will say that pretty quickly I figured out that I was going to have to balance things out, so every full moon I'm having glitter baths, using products from Lush. I like these, cause then there's glitter all over the house for days. Very cheering.

And it's not like I'm going to stop, you understand. Hell, no. I'm going to do this all year.

Anyway, if there are various explosions over here (I'm figuring on the astral, not the physical, realm) on Friday night, you'll know why.


Thorn Coyle said...

It never stops, does it?

anne hill said...

You are fucking crazy, you know that? I guess that's why I'm so fond of you--that, and a sense of humor that makes it all seem sane at the same time.


Reya Mellicker said...

Pandora it is so great to have your voice in the blogosphere! Yay!! Hey - I'm a dark moon person, born 4 hours before the new moon. They are not gentle, but I don't have to tell you that!

Love, Reya

Cee said...

I love the idea of glitter baths on the full moon. I'm not ready in any way to work with the dark moon in a similar way, but it's enormously inspiring to read about.

Ryan said...

Proof that I did, indeed, visit your blog!