04 January 2006

Beware the Goddesses of Light!

Nothing blew up during or after my dark moon power work, I'm happy to report, but I didn't get off easy, no, no.

During my dark moon year I've been working with Hecate (hence the honey cakes at the crossroads) -- well, that makes sense, no surprises there. I'm enriching my view of her, true -- the older versions, the Maiden versions, have been interesting and useful. But in order to work with the source of my power, I find to my -- well, surprise, I guess -- that she sends me elsewhere.


Pleasure? Joy? What the hell.

What I say is, there's nobody so dark as the goddesses of light. It's one of the mysteries.


Owldaughter said...

I did something similar a few years ago. As I was working with the Morrighan, she stepped back and sent me off to work with Freyja as well. It taught me a heck of a lot about the balance between life and death, and yes, just as I assume She planned, through this I ended up seeing a different dimension to the Morrighan as well.

I also did work with Hecate's younger maiden aspects as well not long after that, and became quite fond of the star-crowned torchbearer.

Reya Mellicker said...

Freya is so lovely, weeping tears of gold right and left. I know her well. I honor her deeply. Donald Engstrom had to point out my relationship with her - I am so postcoscious - but she's great, she really is.