29 May 2007

Comments Enabled; Bags Not Packed

Those of you who have tried unsuccessfully to post comments lately SHOULD find that all is well. I had to enable myself, before YOU could get enabled. I was pretty chuffed that I could do it. (Would that it was that easy in other aspects of life.)

I'm set to fly off to the Midwest Witchcamp next Wednesday. I had considered driving, but that would take, oh, I dunno, hours, or something, and make the trip much longer. So I'm flying.

This means I actually have to think about what I pack. If I'm driving, I can take my zafu, my doumbek, a riq, and many many changes of clothes, so that I may be visually effective whilst leading group trances. Though now that I think of it, since everybody'll have their eyes closed, that's maybe not so important.

I hate this part. I've got a majorly giant suitcase, into which I can fit many things, including the means to make a proper cup of tea, and a bunch of books -- I've got a lot of summer reading I need to attend to -- but I dislike being the person who takes up most of the room in the teachers' dorm.

Next week I'll start trying to pack light. For now, I'm just thinking about it.


Marjie said...

16 hours to be exact.
But the luggage thing is sweet. But I WAY overpacked.

Anonymous said...

as long as you have the tea it will be fine.
wish i was at camp x ann flowers

Reya Mellicker said...

I think for witch camp you must always overpack. I remember one Canadian witch who was stopped at the border because she was bringing so much stuff, the American customs agent believed she was moving to the U.S.

Those midwestern campers are SO LUCKY to get to work with you. I still think you are the most brilliant priestess I've ever encountered (and I've known some great priestesses, you know!)

Have a blast!!

t. Thorn Coyle said...

You being there *almost* tempted me to go to MW camp this year!

jezebel said...

I was tempted too....there is NOTHING as sweet and delightfully wicked as camp with Pandora.

(my luggage was always pretty full...of jewels)

love you! xox

dancing willow* said...

Miss you. Have a blast!

deborah oak said...

I can't wait to hear the report back!!!! Invoking the possibility of teaching with you at some camp in the future. Darn, that would be fun!!!! I hope Hannah makes an appearence at Diana's Grove.

Anonymous said...

happy solstice x ann from england