17 May 2007

In Which We Say Hello Again

After an hiatus of nearly a year, in order to move through some deep life changes (when I said earlier that it's the goddesses of light that are really scary I was NOT exaggerating), I'm back.

No, no, please. Let's all calm down. No need for all the hoopla. Let's just pretend I never left.

As part of my healthy holy let's-get-really-sane-for-a-while program, I signed up over at my yoga center for a Shirodhara treatment, which involves having a stream of warm oil poured on one's third eye, for about 15 minutes. It's very focusing, I must say. I had been quite interested in the information, given in the advertising pamphlet, that the treatment would induce deep relaxation, and basically put one in an altered state for about three days.

Driving home, I found that I was cheerful and focused and grounded and happy, but not in an altered state.

A couple of hours later I realized -- oh! This is my normal state!

That's me, continuously altered.

It was a lovely treatment, anyway. You need a LOT of shampoo later, though.

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