22 June 2008

We're in the Nuthouse

Finally, we closed on Nutwood. We have the keys. It's ours. (Yes, I know, it's the bank's, but we've got the use of it, and we get to make the decisions about what to do to it.)

I'll post pictures later; for now, here's what we've done:

1) cut down the vines that grew over the handrail to the front stairs, making it unuseable.

2) sanded and painted the iron handrails to the same front stairs.

3) installed solar lights next to the front stairs. Yay! They're now useable.

4) scraped off flaking painting inside the glass on the outside front doors.

5) cleaned the kitchen -- this includes the refrigerator.*

6) torn down the bizarre green fabric balloon gathered over the downstairs powder room ceiling.

7) put in light bulbs that actually give out light, in the said bathroom, the den, the kitchen, and the porch.

8) taken down the glass fixture on the porch light

9) BEST OF ALL! cut at the root the Leviathan Vine growing up the corner of the house, that's pulling down electrical wires and the gutter, and cut a lot of it off the nearby trellis.

Thank you. Thank you. Tomorrow, the electricians and the locksmiths.

*I'd ask you to explain to me how dead flies got inside a working refrigerator, but I don't want to know.


Marjie said...

Nah, you probably don't want to know. Glad your in!

CarlBrannen said...

Well. If you left your dead flies out of the refrigerator they'd rot, wouldn't they? Or maybe the ants would carry them off.

By the way, re my buddy Mario. I swear, if one more person condoles his dying so young I'm going to write the truth about him.

Rather than the usual score most of us settle for, against the world, of 0-1, Mario insisted on running up a total before the universe finally got him. This is why he joined the Special Forces straight out of high school instead of going to college. I have no doubt that the heavens breathed a sigh of relief at his passing.

He was my buddy, not because of his kindness, or gentleness, or wisdom, but because he was extremely good at what he did. To the extent possible, I avoided being around him.

Reya Mellicker said...

Dead flies? Ew.

Sounds like you're well on your way to bringing Angor Wat out of the jungle. Yay!!!

Are the ghosts OK? DC ghosts hate it when people plug in real lightbulbs. Maybe our ghosts are fussier here. At the Nut House, those ghosts will get to live with you, so it might very well be worth it to them.


jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Congrats on the Nuthouse. I have an ancient house and the upkeep is basically my workout. One interesting thing I discovered while 'weeding' the flower beds...those weeds (lamb's quarters and purslane) are actually old time salad greens that fell out of favor, mostly due to rampant consumerism and salad in a bag. Now I just go ahead and pick 'em and toss them into the bowl along with the lettuce.
Anyway, enjoy the house!