06 June 2008

My Little Personal Concern for the Transit of Saturn Saturn-square-time

To my great and utter glee, somebody has surfed on in using the Google translation function in German, hitting my post "Saturn Square Saturn," which is THE MAJOR PAGE OF THIS BLOG, I kid you not, according to my stats, which is pitiful, cause really I don't know a damn thing about astrology, and I was just blithering.

But too late! Ha ha! You surfed in, and this is what you found, oh my excellent European reader, if you take the German you were given and run it back through the Google translation function, which is one of my Favorite Idiotic Things in the Entire World:

One of the things happening in recent years (see previous articles on Dark moon and full moon drama drama and oh, probably mid-week for no reason, drama, I can not remember the details at the moment) my little personal concern for the transit by Saturn Saturn-square-time (originally Saturn in Scorpio). I am because of my second Saturn return in a few years, and my first Saturn return involved Getting Sober. I am glad I am grateful for each day it is very helpful, what ever happened to me, but I would not characterize it as a treat. No, it was hard. And in general, I experience Saturn energy as pretty damn close. So my thinking is perhaps in these days, instead of being terribly surprised by my inner reality in a few years, I can siphon out that some of the energy now work through as much stuff as I possibly can. This makes sense, is not it? I was not quite bonkers when I thought this. Nah. Hence the dark lunar year of work, so the gloss bombs and the new worship Freyja, so daily and constant spiritual practices, the cleaning and my clothes always clear.

Thank you. This means a lot to me. I was not quite bonkers when I thought this. Nah.

(What the HELL, though, is a "gloss bomb"? I gather this explains why, every time I taught the witches in Germany, we could NOT find any glitter.....)


angelweed said...

What the HELL, though, is a "gloss bomb"?

An explanation should be superfluous after the following demonstration:

A gloss[1] bomb[2] is ...

1: A brief[3] explanatory[4] note [5] or translation[6] of a difficult[7] or technical[8] expression[9] usually[10] inserted[11] in the margin[12] or between[13] lines[14] of a text[15] or manuscript[16].

2: Atari ST[17] and Macintosh[18] equivalents[19] of a Unix[20] panic[21] or Amiga[22] guru[23] meditation[24], in which icons[25] of little[26] black-powder[27] bombs[2] or mushroom[28] clouds[29] are displayed[30], indicating[31] that the system[32] has died. On the Mac[18], this may be accompanied[33] by a decimal[34] (or occasionally hexadecimal[35]) number[36] indicating[37] what went wrong, similar to the Amiga[22] guru[38] meditation[39] number[36]. MS-DOS[40] machines[41] tend[42] to get locked up[43] in this situation[44].

3: brief!

Reya Mellicker said...

Those translation programs on the internet are exactly like Mercury retrograde.

Don't worry about Saturn square Saturn. You're a Taurus. Squares make perfect sense to Bulls. You're home free.

much love,

Marjie said...

Wait! Wait! I'm confused. Let me see if I get this right. Okay, someone surfed around on the web IN GERMAN and found YOUR blog? Yes? And then Google translated said blog into the italizied portion of entry. Yes? So, this is why blogs of people who do not speak English sound like they do not speak English? I just assumed they were butchering it all up on their own in an attempt to, oh say, PRACTISE another language! Silly me! So, I could type something in English, put it through Google Translator and have them butcher it for me. Huh! And see there, I've spent all those years butchering French and German all on my own! (I speak them and read them like a retarded 2 year old.)

I thought the original made prefect sense. Made me think I'd better start getting busy on that second Saturn return right NOW. But then, it will probably be something I never saw coming.
Plus, I'm actually finding Right Now quite rewarding.

Kenny said...

My initial thought was that a "gloss bomb" would have been my mate Fruitbat's idea of a fine bubble bath, but then I started feeling all dirty. So I won't say that.