14 October 2008

Medieval Debate Procedures

I like to blog in a timely fashion, as proof that I am Keeping Up With Stuff.
So, since the third and last presidential candidate debate is coming up soon, I'll share with you the medieval view of the proceedings, as given to us by Bayeux Rhythms:

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Donald Engstrom-Reese said...

Thank you so much.


I laughed out loud!

It is amazing how some things still seem to continually find their ways into the hearts of the excessively rich and desperately bored. I also find it a marvel that these same folks still manage to actively cultivate the rampant fears spreading through out their terrified beings. No wonder their worldview is showing extreme wear on the seams and moth-holes on the sleeves.

Oh well....

May abundance and joy flow through all of our lives like a wild untamed river.