02 February 2009

The Brigid Poetry Blogathon

Officially, the poetry for Brigid (Irish goddess of smithcraft, midwifery, and poetry) is today -- my entry, for reasons explained in the entry, was posted last night, close to the time border. So either scroll down (if you're on the main page) or go here (if you came to this post specifically), and then you can read my offering to Brigid. Which this year is not written by me, but by Somebody Else.

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Anonymous said...

Feel free to delete it since it does not relate to the post. Hope you enjoy the speech anyway.


Attraction and Gay Rights - Esther & Jerry Hicks

Here is one comment from one of the viewers:
This is the Best, most forward moving way of thinking about the equal rights movement I have ever heard. If everyone could focus on their dreams and not search for validation and tolerance but live a life of acceptance that others will be their way and I can be my way we would all get along so famously! =~)