10 August 2009

Invoking Writing

I suppose if one invokes poetry long enough one has to sit down and write.

I've been doing that for a while -- I asked Laura how long has it been? and she says sometime in late June.

I started getting up and making tea and taking it upstairs, and just writing. Every morning. Although apparently I didn't do it every monring when we were at the Grand Canyon. Fair enough. I was keeping it together.

And so now I have things I have written and am writing and am going to write -- that is, finished pieces, drafts, and notes.

And what I find is that I'm terrified. There's not even an "of what." There's just terror.

So tomorrow I will get up and do it again.


Beth Owl's Daughter said...

So glad to see you back. I've missed you. Maybe share some of that work??

- Beth Owl

Pandora said...

At some point I will, honey! I've been keeping up on Facebook -- but the blog is a whole nother thing. As you know.

Anonymous said...

i agree with Beth Owl's Daughter...i always pop in to see if you are back and today u were. xx

Anonymous said...

sorry last message from ann in london!