25 February 2006


As part of the giant wave which is transporting me back into all community, all the time, I'm going to Dandelion, an event I missed last year. But this year I'm going, as 3Rivers Reclaiming representative. I'm chuffed.

So I emailed my covener Rosie, who'd also said she was going, and I said, hey, ya wanna do a workshop? Got any ideas? And she said, hey, yeah, how about a deep trance workshop? And I said, cool, that sounds great.

And that's how you organize, if you're me.

So THAT'S how far things have gone in just a few weeks. I was sitting in my little ritual room on the night of the Winter Solstice, spinning straw into gold. And now I've got a little community, and a lot of email, and I'm going to an event called Dandelion.

Dandelion got invented after I'd gone solitary for a while, so that would be the reason I understand not the name. The name sounds fluffy. But I know that surely fluff is not involved.

If there is any damn fluff, though, I'm going to start singing "It's a Small World." It's a useful song that way.


Anne Hill said...

Get those lyrics in hand, my friend. I'm glad you're going to Dandelion. One of the neuroses of recent Reclaiming is that everything has to be named after a tree, or a plant. Thus BIRCH is an acronym for something that seemed important at the time but that no one pays much attention to now. And hence the Dandelion metaphor for Reclaiming communities taking root in any upturned patch of earth. Give 'em hell, Pandora.

Anonymous said...

So when I read this I wondered why you would need a convener, then wondered why you would spell it wrong...Duh said I didn't have the lingo didn't I. Enjoying reading of your adventures though:0) D-W

deborah oak said...

One of the great things about getting older is being able to really marvel in the mysteries, to enjoy the incredible twists and turns of life. This is a fabulous twist!!!! I will be so curious to hear how you experience dipping back into the energy body of Reclaiming after your hiatus...if it feels different to you or not. The Goddess works in mysterious ways. Pandora at Dandelion! I'm for it!!!

violet crescent said...

This isn't really a comment on this particular post, but just that I've only today discovered your blog and I must join my voice to yours in saying:

1) "It's a Small World" is so odious it's almost vaguely Xian, and I would have an impossible time singing this with a straight face to end a gathering or before cakes & wine, and

2) I used this super-fine "fairy dust" glitter with a priest in a Beltane ritual last year and it still turns up in the towels, carpet, in my altar cloths--in short, everywhere--and finally

3) to continue with the Cardiffians' hilarious lists, a few improbable Feri statements:

"Visualization and concentration exercises aren't really that important--I mean, blue fire, iron pentacle, lead, pearl--what's all *that* about?!?"

"Poetry bores me unless it, like, rhymes."

"I don't have any CDs by Tori Amos or Ani DiFranco."

and maybe

"I think initiation should be safe and fun for everyone."

Blessings in Her name, violet crescent

violet crescent said...

PS…how about a generic Wiccan one?

"No, I've never heard of Marion Zimmer Bradley."

Rose May Dance said...

I don't really read blogs but now that I have a new computer I thought I would check again to see what PMO'M said about Dandelion. If she were a dog she would be like her former roomate Milhouse who lifted his little feet high in the air in the rain so as not to get soiled. I personally slogged thru the mud and only got really lost at night once or twice. It was nice to have Pandora in my elegant little cabin, and great to see her do a few tricks during meetings, making sense as always. And how very very fine to teach a trance with her. Such a golden golden friend.
Rose May Dance