02 February 2006

Silent Poetry Reading

In accordance with Reya's call for poetry for Brigid -- we're to read this all silently, though I might be noisy just for the hell of it -- we will now have poetry.

First, a chant to call Brigid as Goddess of Poetry, which I wrote in the long ago when I was still in San Francisco and which never, never got picked up on. It's just too damn hard to sing, alas, so it never went into the Reclaiming repertoire. But I still sing it, cause I like it:

Song shifter, story changer,
Shape, take our song.
Dream through the pulse.
Sing through the bone.

And second, an actual poem:


She keeps her clothes on at the gate:
she's that sort of girl.
Double-torched, though, two-fisted
light, walking the dark.
All that furniture looming
around, cornered, broken:
good to have a couple of lights.
More would be better, but
she's got two hands, and
they're full. The moon's not, though --
dark as toads -- and now she's

Gone. You're too slow.
Hurry, following past the
lovers, the rosaries, that lost
baby; the light flits off
the walls, the room darkens.
You're groping through the rubbish alone.

Always so. She'll open the door,
she'll lead you in, but she's
not there for the cleanup.
She's down at the corner,
eating all the honey cakes.
You're stuck with the boxes,
waiting for the van.

---Anne Brannen
September 05


Reya Mellicker said...

First: thank you for the poetry. Of course you're a poet, of course. Duh. Why wouldn't I have known that already? And .. you're a poet who knows the divine quite intimately. I miss you, Pandora.

Second: THANK YOU for spreading the word about the poetry reading. I am truly overwhelmed by the response. Bloggers are literary - we know poetry, we love poetry. Who knew? Wow.

A trip to visit is definitely in order! When is it spring there? Love love love ...

Chas S. Clifton said...

thanks for the poem about Her With The Torches. I'm saving it.

Owldaughter said...

This speaks so strongly to me. It's wonderful. Thank you.

a dyke... said...

I do so love this poem. Thank you for sharing it with us ...

Inanna said...

Thank you for this poem. I would love to hear more about Hecate from you, for purely selfish reasons. I dedicated myself to her this year at Imbolc and am trying to figure out (or wait out) what that means.