07 February 2006

There Was That Dark Moon Back There

Now that we've all recovered, more or less, from the VAST amount of poetry that Reya called in (beware the power of the knitting bloggers; that's all I have to say), I can return to the dark moon report I mentioned earlier.

I'll turn 52 in May. And I'm convinced that it's crucial that I uncover as much of my hidden reality as I can, NOW -- something's coming (maybe no more than the Saturn return due in a few years; maybe something else), and I need to have all my resources available.

Hence all this dark moon hoohah.

Last time, I had LOTS of information about exactly how much damage I'd done to myself in a relationship long ago. Good. I can use that.

And now the full moon's coming.

This is the pattern these days: dark moon, discover stuff. Full moon, celebrate. On, off. On, off. On, off.

And in between, I try to focus on the body. Exercise. Good food. Sleep. Get work done.

On, off. On, off. On, off.

Straw into gold; straw as gold.

On, off.

That's all. It's fairly simple.


Reya Mellicker said...

Life is oscillation, on off, on off, night day, full moon new moon. And you are so very very alive. Wonderful to speak to you the other day.

When old, sad things in my heart arise (at the new moon or whenever) that's when I most need to think about the gold tears of Freya. Those gold tears are healing in ways I don't have a clue how to articulate.

I celebrate you, no matter the phase of the moon.

Anne Hill said...

Yeah, I get it about being certain that something's coming and I have to do X now. That's pretty much how I've run my life too, and ditto the painful revelations about Things Not To Do Next Relationship. Sorry I called you fucking crazy earlier, though if it's true I'd say you're in good company. Me I'm just hunkered down till after Valentine's Day passes, maybe it will find some other poor soul to torment.

witchcat1 said...

pandora! how wonderful to find you! strong work, it really speaks to me just remember keep breathing. panther (aka sandie brown-spillman from witchcamp bc)

a dyke... said...

Will someone PLEASE send me the gold tears bit? I can't find it for beans ... And I dreamed about gold tears just last night. Pandora ... You have GOT to come and be in the forest with me at sunset on the tip of the Island - It really is coming home.