14 November 2007

Here's Rhys

Rhys, having had all his shots, is now cleared for Dog Park Visits. We're pleased; he's kind to small dogs, fearless with big dogs. He barks all the time, sure, but that's on account of the necessity to herd all moving things. He can't keep up with the big dogs, on account of his youth and his short little legs, but he loves to chase after them; this also is "herding." They don't notice, so they don't mind. When they play with him, they roll him over and over like a barrel.

Someday I'd like to take him out to a Corgi convention, so that he can play with lots of other dogs just his size, and just as determined to herd the universe.


dancing willow* said...

My, what big EARS you have!!!

He looks sweet and wonderful and kind-of reminds me of the Gingerbread Boy. Not sure why, but oh well.

He's cute!

Anonymous said...

he looks healthy. love his dark colouring...
so much nicer than the Queen's. I personally wish they would bite her around the ankles......
but then i would think that!

super cute...glad he is in your life.
ann f

Anonymous said...

FINALLY...I have been awaiting the Royal Portrait of the Dastardly Chap!

Violet and Stella approve!

much love,

Reya Mellicker said...

Those ears! He's so sweet!

Herding is a core activity not only for dogs ... I see moms doing it all the time. And teachers, too.

Christina said...

Eeeee! How adorable, even if he does have one of those funny, what do you call them, "tail" things.

Bring him over sometime so he and Miles can have their own Corgi convention. They can herd each other in circles, like Miles does with my sister's border collie.

AskALesbian said...

This is the most beautiful Corgi that I've ever seen. What a sweet face. Absolutely more handsome that the Queen's!