12 November 2007

Official Pagan Holidays

The Wild Hunt reports that one of Britain's government sections, the Department for Children, Schools, and Families, has instituted a new holiday system; their civil workers may take "bank holidays" according to their own choice, by swapping -- they can work on Christmas, for instance, and take Samhain off. Other departments are expected to follow, in the move to adopt an official post-Christain calendar.

Fair. Fair and good.


Anonymous said...

Yes things are slowly changing here. About three years ago I managed to get the celtic pagan festivals put onto our Local Governments calendar.
My latest struggle is to have pagan or witch down as an option on our internal workshop equal ops. feedback forms. I am not the only identified witch that works here! I found it heartening that when I refused meetings on the grounds I was going to san francisco for Samhain and explained why! how many Happy New Year messages I got from the muggles!
Good to chip away at stuff.
xann f-London

Sherry said...

i think that's a great thing.