25 January 2006

Saturn Square Saturn

One of the things going on lately (see earlier posts concerning Dark Moon Drama and Full Moon Drama and oh, probably Middle of the Week for No Reason Drama; I can't remember the details at the moment) concerns my little personal transit through a Saturn square Saturn time (Saturn originally in Scorpio).

I'm due for my second Saturn return in just a few years, and my first Saturn return involved Getting Sober. I'm glad about it, I'm grateful every day for it, it's the most useful thing that ever happened to me, BUT I wouldn't characterize it as A Treat.

No, it was hard.

And in general, I experience Saturn energy as pretty damn intense.

So my thinking these days is maybe, instead of getting horribly surprised by my inner reality in a few years, I can siphon off some of that energy now by working through as much stuff as I possibly can. This makes sense, doesn't it? I wasn't entirely bonkers when I thought this up. Nah.

Hence the year of dark moon work; hence the glitter bombs and new adoration of Freyja; hence daily and constant spiritual practices involving cleaning up my stuff and getting clear.

So it is, of course, with a bit of trepidation that I approach the weekend, which includes a Brigid ritual on Saturday (and I'm pledged to her) and the dark moon on Sunday.

O, frabjous day! Caloo! Calay!

Tomorrow morning on the way to work I think I'll go buy some Godiva chocolate, and some flowers, all for me. In honor of Freyja.

And because chocolate seems like a pretty damn good idea.


deborah oak said...

oh how blessed I am to know you! Have I mentioned I love you? This Brigid is packing some punch for me.

Owldaughter said...

We ought to have more reasons for celebrating with Godiva chocolate, yes, we should.

My Imbolc seems to be squaring me up and making me look at my own daily spiritual practice (which I was doing already, but it really seems to be boxing my ears now). These days I've just been thankful to remember what day of the week it is, but I'm trying to sink roots into a daily routine that actually helps instead of making me wince as I remember very late at night, as I'm falling asleep, that I forgot to do whatever spiritually associated act that I'd decided to do each day.

My Protestant work ethic tells me that focusing on honouring Brigid by simply doing the hearth and home thing is cheating. But that's just my own self-sabotaging psyche at work.

Reya Mellicker said...

I believe chocolate is always a good idea, but especially when facing Saturn square Saturn. Yikes.

Will your second Saturn return really be so much of an ordeal, Pandora? I always think of first Saturn return begin about becoming an adult, coming into form. Second Saturn return is about relationship with God, gods, Goddess, goddesses or as Donald Engstrom says, "the mysterious ones."

You've got GREAT relationships with the divine ones already. I bet your second Saturn return will be gentle. Bet on it.

Say hi to Frejya for me. I just LOVE her, love having you as a sister in this way, too.

a dyke... said...

I think I need some of that damn glitter ...