11 September 2008

Dealing with Mice, According to Brannens

I've got all this stuff I need to blog about The House Formerly Known as Nutwood, which I now refer to as The Alexander W. Cadman House -- and will keep that up unless I get more history out of the library and become conviced he didn't build it* BUT

Carl Brannen, over at Mass, has just posted about his problems with mice, over at his ethanol plant, and how he deals with them. And I don't think you should miss "Quantum Field Mouse Cube Theory."**

*One of the posts coming soon will be ALL about "Researching Your Old House, If It's The One Formerly Known as Nutwood."

**I have to admit that I don't always read Carl's posts, even though I love him very much and like to hear what he has to say, because mostly the posts are written in a language I do not understand, which looks like this:

"Let A_k be a complete set of N annihilating primitive idempotents. That is, \Sigma_k A_k = 1 , and A_jA_k = 0 when j is not k, and A_k A_k = A_k for all k. Also suppose that each A_k is Hermitian.

Let \alpha_k be a set of N real numbers. Then:

\Sigma_k e^{i\alpha_k}A_k is unitary.

I’m guessing that the reader will find the proof immediately. If not, ask in the comments and I’ll give the short proof."

And I do not know what in the hell that means.

I do understand the mice, however.


CarlBrannen said...

Thanks for the plug. You've run my hit count to a new all time high.

Maybe we should write a book on quantum mechanics from the point of view of mouse traps.

The Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle (HUP) says that you can't build a mouse trap that is simultaneously optimized for being humane and also optimized for being hilarious to watch it trap mice.

One's like the particle nature of the trap, the other is its wave nature.

Pandora said...

Well, we got rid of a mouse this morning, too; our mousetrap, being a cat, is not as cheap as the one you're using, on account of the cat food and vet bills; also, the mouse does not actually survive the experience, It becomes transformed into a dog toy.

I finally got it away form Rhys and threw it in the front yard. Maddie's all proud of herself, for having killed it in the first place.