29 September 2008

Good Morning! It's Monday. Let's Do Links.

Here we are, bright, early, starting a new week. I've got papers to grade, and readings to read, but nevertheless I take time to share important news with you, oh my friends and relations.

First, courtesy of Thorn and Beth, we have Shay Black, singing that great Irish song about Barak O'Bama, the great Irishman. There are other versions of this song out there on the Net, but I'm partial to this; I used to live around the corner and down the street from the Starry Plough, where this version's been recorded, and I'm glad to see that a pub I loved so well is still strong. And that James Connolly can still be read on the wall. I see that it's now a full service restaurant, too. Hmm. It's gone upscale from the days I was hanging out there with Andrew Shulman's Deakin band. (So have I, now that I think of it. But I was young then.)

Second, the excellent Cake Wrecks is making fun of Dog Cakes. Rightly so. It's important to read Cake Wrecks everyday. Every. Day. Cause you never know what you might need to copy.

Third, I'm pleased to report that if you die in Denmark, you can get buried in a cemetery devoted to Odin and Thor. Inside the outline of a Viking ship! This cheers me no end.

Fourth, you've probably already seen this, but CollegeHumor has produced a parody Disney trailer of a Sarah Palin movie.

We now return to our regular Monday workday.


Reya Mellicker said...

LOVE the links. Good old Barack Obama. Bless his Irish heart!

On the way home from the doc today, I was thinking about all the past lifetimes in which I had to sit with people who had the flu and watch them die because there was nothing to be done about it.

I am SO GRATEFUL for the antibiotics!!

BTW, my diagnosis? PNEUMONIA!!

Definitely a good day to swallow the powerful pills. Definitely!!

anne hill said...

No, I had not. Seen the Disney trailer, that is--until now. That just cheered me right up. Thanks, Pandora!