18 January 2006

Back From the Full Moon

As could be expected, it wasn't a RESTFUL full moon, nah, not really.

I suppose all that glitter has something to do with it. I gave one of the glitter bars I use to a friend last summer, and it sort of flipped her out; there was glitter! everywhere! it was out of control!

Well, yes....that was the point, really....

But I can see if one favored Kind and Gentle change one might not want to use a Lush glitter massage bar in the bath. The glitter is around the house for days. Weeks, really.

I like it, though. Very explosive. Gets a lot done quickly.

This month I teamed the glitter bar (or glitter bomb, as my friend calls it) with glitter bath foam (given to me by the same friend, now that I think of it) and glitter lotion. And there was some other actual magic, to boot.

All of which put me in an altered state for three days -- good timing, that, the long weekend -- and then I had a Down Day bouncing back.

I'm fine now. And I'm happy with the work. I hit some deep information and I got some deep work done.

And the glitter's slowly disappearing. On to the dark moon!


a dyke... said...

My birthday was Hir full day ... There was plenty of glitter to go around!

Anonymous said...

Glitter is GOOD.

Love you,

Reya Mellicker said...

I love Lush. It's such a cheerful place. And I love thinking about you bombed by glitter. I miss you, Pandora.