10 January 2006

New Stone Circle! Be Prepared!

Witchvox points to an article out of Coventry concerning a new stone circle planned near Rugby. It's going to not only be "celestial," the article says -- though exactly in what way I can't tell -- it's going to have lights. Lots of lights. Little reflectors, for one thing, and laser displays, for another. Also, carving all over the stones, concerning local events and inhabitants and what not.

Now, if you're anything like me, your first thought is, "tacky. Just plain old tacky."

But wait! Before you compare the proposed Rugby Circle mentally with the ponderous and magnificent Stonehenge (though the effect is slightly spoiled these days by all that plastic footpath hoohah and the guide ropes), or the charming and domestic Avebury, and discover that the newly proposed circle is going to be lacking in subtlety, remember that all those icy white Greek statues and temples, and even the much later icy and grey Gothic cathedrals, were originally Really Colorful. Really. Extremely.

And then you can revise, in your mind, Stonehenge, so that it's not only intact, but also covered in little reflective mirrors and highly painted. Ha ha!

Tacky beyond measure. If the ancients had been able to construct laser light shows, believe me, they'd have been using them.

I may have to stop off in Rugby the next time I'm trying to get from Northampton to Lincoln -- there's some bizarre train change now required; you can't get there from here, anywhere in England, nowadays -- just to see the damn thing.

Or not.

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Reya Mellicker said...

I agree - sentimentality is rather useless. Actually the rugby circle sounds kind of cool. Celestial? Hmmmm.....