04 December 2008

Finally, Some Good News

The subject of my post yesterday depressed the hell out of me, so I'm glad to say this morning that the news is that, even though the world has currently gone over a very high cliff in its quest to get to hell in a handbasket, nevertheless the fall fashions are going to cheer us all up: affordable, flattering, and appropriate.
I am so looking forward to teaching "Political Drama" whilst wearing this.
(From the VECONA Fashion Show in Brugge, courtesy of Boing Boing.)


Scott said...

I think women should wear stuff like this all the time. Hellz, yeah! Guys should be in tails, too. And should all still carry swords. Yeah, get rid of handguns and assault rifles and everyone carry swords. I think there'd be less violence as a result because if you've got a sword and so does the other guy, there's a chance you might get your butt whooped. Which will make you think twice before fronting violence, right? But I digress.

Speaking of Policital Drama, check out Jack Black as Jesus in this Prop 8 Musical. Sort of blends yesterday's and today's posts. With accompaniment.

Pandora said...

Yes, it's hilarious -- I like the star-studded stage.

Marjie said...
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Marjie said...

I think I have that outfit!

Anonymous said...

I WANT that outfit. Seriously. I have the tights - now I know what I want to wear with them!


Pandora said...

Jezebel, this would be a GREAT outfit on you!

Margie, why haven't you been wearing yours? Enquiring minds want to know. It would be A Treat.