05 December 2008

More Octopus Stories

Apropos of our octopus fashion yesterday, we have the news from Coburg, Germany, that the zoo's octopus is bored cause the aquarium is closed for the winter, so he's shorted out the overhead light by squirting ink at it, he's been juggling the hermit crabs, he's been throwing stones at the glass and damaging it (he's going to be Real Sorry, if he keeps this up), and he's been changing the decor of the tank, which makes his neighbors unhappy.

Much like Rhys, when he hasn't gotten to the dog park enough.

1 comment:

Marjie said...

you realise this will lead to *Save Otto*, right?

*Poor captive octopus being held against his will. Probably blew out that light trying to use it to signal for help.*

I don't think I'll be able to get on board with the whole *free Otto* campaign though. He isn't being hurt, and given his level of intelligence will soome be writing notes on the glass to communicate his wants and needs and he is being treated more humanely than the prisoners at Guantanamo. So, he will just have to bide his time.