03 December 2008

That's Enough.

France is set to propose a United Nations resolution, on behalf of the 27-member European Union, calling on govenments worldwide to de-criminalize homosexuality.

This concerns the imprisonment and execution of men and women around the world, because homosexuality is punishible by imprisonment in 65 countries in the world -- and death in several of them.

The Vatican opposes this resolution because it could lead to "reverse discrimination against heterosexual marriage."

Better that the United Nations refuse to take a stand on the imprisonment and executution of gays, than that they be allowed, anywhere, to marry?

In what way is this Christian?


Marjie said...

Ya know, the Pope might not think he has much of a connection with the Mormoms but I think they would have a lot to talk about. Let's hope they are too busy thinking they are different to get together for coffee.

But then, if the Pope got together with the Mormoms it just might wake some people up!

Scott said...

I think that, insofar as The Master said "I bring you a new covenant," the Church should then get rid of the Old Testament as irrelevant. That shit causes practically all the trouble there is in the Western world.

And what the f**k is "reverse discrimination," anyway? Some paranoid, projected delusion with gays getting in to positions of power and telling the heterosexuals to sit in the back of the bus?

Pandora said...

I'm also fond, Scott, of the "gay agenda," which in my case means getting up in the morning, having breakfast, going to work, coming home, hanging out with loved ones, both human and animal.


Marjie said...

Yes, but, see, they have figured out that the *gay agenda* might actually lead to peace and contentment on an individual level.
Where in the hell would we be with a situation like that?!
My god! That would be like *the prusuit of happiness* or something! Radical craziness! That's what that is! Just craziness!

Anonymous said...

for someone who lives their life so rigidly in the ways of scripture, it seems strange to me that no one takes note of all of this, "the first shall be last," the constant theme that true power is in humility, that only God has the ability to judge, and that thing with love of the spirit and neglecting the material realm such as hindrance of the body that happens to pop up every now and again. if i were a christian enforcing such massive discrimination, i would be in constant fear of the repurcusions.

oh well. someone very wise once told me, "they must be in so much pain, blessings on them all."

perhaps this is what true christianity is. not to have rest on earth. to feel that true love can only be completely fulfilled in the intelligible realm. no one with faith ever went untested. so, while the heterosexual agenda tries to passify itself in the safety of laws and exclusions, let this be our test.

thanks, Pandora.
however, i am sad now that christmas is over and i only just figured out what i truly want.
octopus skirt! shazam!