18 December 2008

Grades are in; semester's over.

After the daily blogging last month, we've had a little hiatus. But it's December, after all, a Busy Month for the academics. Not just the holidays, but all those papers! All those finals! All those excuses, both excellent and not!

Let the games begin.


Scott said...

My brother, I think, wins the award for hearing the Best (and by "Best" I mean "Worst") Excuse Ever for Not Having My Homework:

"I was shopping."

True story. The excuse is not per se the Worst Ever but is made so because the principal bought it. Lock. Stock. And Barrel.

Merry Christmas!

Karen P. in Ohio said...

I am TOTALLY envious, as I'm still grading... one more set of papers, one more set of exams, and some paper revisions. So at least the end is in sight!

This year I have noticed a new phrase popping up in the excuses: "I made some poor choices and therefore..." My tentative translation: the student went out & got drunk & then the ensuing hangover made it impossible for her/him to finish the paper on time. I'm not sure if I'm comforted by the appearance of counseling-speak in the excuse...

Enjoy some well deserved quiet (or at least quieter) time!


CarlBrannen said...

It's possible that you missed this important new physics paper:

The equations of medieval cosmology, arXiv:0812.4378 by Roberto Buonanno and Claudia Quercellini of Universita' di Roma Tor Vergata. To read the article, click on the "PDF" link in the top right corner of the web page.

Daisy-Winifred said...

Can't email you or nowt as guess who managed not only to burn PC but also two keys missing lap top - burn being the technical term of course for user-great-cock up AGAIN so all info lost AGAIN even with external hard drive!!!!...better still I 'lost' my bag holding address book and a myriad other things which I don't actually remember but seem to crop up as needed, like who would think a cheque book was something I'd require or driving liscence or medication. I say 'lost' cos I know exactly where the bag is somewhere between here and the sea stuck under a boulder or trapped in a delightfull pocket of plastic carrier bags and discarded shopping trollies. One day I will learn how to walk along a river path and not actually end up in the river!!
Anyway, I managed to remember how to get here! brownie points please and so Happy Happy to you and all your kin ans such like. Trust Rhys there is keeping you in as much order as Rhys here, cough. Hope you have had a grand time of pressies and pleasing moments and that 2009 brings gifts and lots of love and laughter to you and those you hold dear in your heart.
A request, you know what it is going to be, email and address please. I think tattoos are the only answer sadly I've been told I can't - body would probably not like it, oh yeh like it loves what's happening anyway, the medical profession just have such a darling sense of humor.
Enough.. a comment long enough to fill in for all those posts you meant to file, ha-ha.