05 November 2008

Back to Your Regular Programming

Did indeed get some sleep last night, though I waited till the last of the speeches were over. Now I get ready for my classes. And maybe some of my students will show up. Or not.

As part of my participation in NaBloPoMo, wherein I promise to blog something every day, even if I have nothing to say, I give you the news (from Arbroath; who else collects this stuff) that on Monday, a Hampshire man drank 24 cans of lager, put a traffic cone on his head, and tied up traffic on the M3, because he was upset about the plight of children in Africa.

I'm sure you were interested in that.


Reya Mellicker said...

For the dream, for the plan, for the freedom of man as
it was meant to be;
Not for the structure set up so lustily, by rule of thumb
And overnight, bound to become
Loose, lop-sided, out of plumb,
But for the dream, for the plan, for the freedom of man as
it was meant to be
By men with more vision, more wisdom, more purpose,
more brains
Than we,
(Possibly, possibly)
Men with more courage, men more unselfish, more intent
Than we, upon their dreams, upon their dream of
Freedom, Freedom not alone
For oneself, but for all, wherever the word is known,
In whatever tongue, or the longing in whatever spirit
Men with more honor. (That remains
To be seen! That we shall see!)
Possibly. Possibly.
And if still these truths be held to be
Self evident.

from "Not for a Nation", Mine the Harvest, 1954
Edna St. Vincent Millay

Daisy-Winifred said...

Well I waited till the end of the speeches too, which kind of meant no sleep seeing there's that small thing called time difference here:0)
I listened to the 17 minutes or so of Mr Obama's victory speech and loved the lack of crowing, beating of drums and f**k everyone else but us/US rhetoric that has jarred on these ears over the years.
I am not ashamed that tears rolled down my cheeks as I listened and was glad that as a non united staes of america citizen I too could be thrilled by the ability of a nation to collectively take a very deep breath and become fearless for a moment.
May the possibility so cleary felt by the crowds listening to that speech be given room, time and patience to find ways to express itself not just for the US but for the WE of the rest of the world that wish him and his fellow citizens means to discover co-operation is not a dirty word:0)