15 November 2008

Join the Impact: Pittsburgh

At 1:30 Eastern Time, I'll be over at 4100 Forbes Avenue (known to many of you as Schenley Plaza), for my local version of Join the Impact, happening at the same time (so, if you're in Hawaii, that'd be 8:30 AM) all over the States.

Cause that's enough. That's just enough. Civil rights are civil rights. We all get to have our own religion, or none at all if we like that better, but we don't any of us get to inflict it on the rest. And Prop 8 started this all off, but this isn't a California issue. This is an American issue.

So my main concern at the moment is: do I want to take an umbrella, or just rely on the hood of my parka? It is WAY raining, and there's a cold front coming in.

Hmm. Looking out the window, I think -- parka AND umbrella. I am SO not missing this.

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jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Caty and I were there :) It was a surprisingly decent day, given all the dire forecasts (weather-wise). The rally and march itself was an incredible experience and I'm glad that we got to be a part of it!