25 November 2008

Good Morning!

The bed-and-breakfast will soon be feeding us (the cook is all excited about making gluten-free dairy free blueberry muffins, bless her), and then we'll be off to visit Acoma Pueblo.

For now, though, useful links for your morning enjoyment:

A sobering/hilarious compilation of clips of pundits in 2006-2007 making fun of Peter Schiff's prediction that a long hard recession was coming;

Got Medieval is selling magnets of its medieval personal ads ;

An Essex woman is disturbed about her parrot's lust for her feathered hat;

And some prehistoric monoliths are finding their second or third home on a suburban lawn in Dorset.

I'd see how much a set would cost for Nutwood, but I'm much more interested in a turf labyrinth.


Karen P. in Ohio said...

Holy Toledo, you guys are going to Acoma?!?! Please pass along my thanks ang blessings for the place that birthed some amazing writers...

Also: I think I saw on the teevee once that Sting has a turf labyrinth in his back yard. It was quite lovely. Maybe he'd consult on yours?


Pandora said...

Hi, hon!

We didn't get this comment till we got back to ABQ, but we were grateful the entire time we were there, so your gratitude can be considered implicit.

We have an excellent pottery bear, and L is trying to figure out how to get it back home.

annehill said...

Thank you so much, this list gave me everything I needed today.