21 November 2008

British Education: This Just In.

Well. Much to my surprise, the Brits turn out to not know much more about Britain than Americans do about America. Three quarters of the British polled during Geography Awareness week could not name the three countries that make up Great Britain.

"Explorer" was the top preferred career, though.

I was confused by this, since I thought there weren't so very many places to explore these days.

But then I saw that most of the people in the same poll didn't know where Leeds was, so I figure that "explorer" could mean "the sort of person who can manage to get out of London on the train, and end up somewhere there's a Sainsbury's."

As I say, though, Americans also have trouble with their own geography. Half of us can't find the state of New York on a map; two thirds of us can't find Louisiana.

We can't find Great Britain, either, which means we'll be no help at all trying to find Leeds.

But, damn, I thought the English could find it.


Marjie said...

I just brag a little then. I can find all of them. Leeds last cause I'd have to actually look for that one. North? Just a guess. But then I used to entertain myself with Goodes World Atlas.

I think bragging okay if one just says so in a normal voice and doesn't say it like, *Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!* At least that is my Kindergarten rule.
Keeping in mind that one might actually be asked to prove that one has such a skill.

Reya Mellicker said...

I always think the Brits are a lot smarter than we are.

Who can resist maps? I can't, and frankly don't understand people who can.

If you like maps, you learn, sooner or later, where Louisiana is, and Leeds, and Brighton, Edinburgh, Mumbai, St. Petersburg.

I love maps.

CarlBrannen said...

Hah, England, Scotland, and Wales, and I got it right BEFORE I looked it up in Wikipedia.