18 November 2008

OMG! An Extra Hour!

I just went to my 10:00 meeting, but my 10:00 meeting is at 11:00, which actually it always is, so I have an extra hour. Excellent.

Time for a Blog Post.

Let's make it out of, not just ephemera, but REALLY fleeting ephemera (that'd be ephemera ephemerae):

1) I don't know which piece of me that thinks this morning's Bayeux Tapestry Joke is SOOOOO hilarious; best not to know, I expect, but here it is:

2) A whole lot of the page at Change.gov which is dedicated to civil rights concerns LGBT issues. The president-elect takes this seriously.

Excellent. Me, too.

I suppose that's not really ephemera, not on the lines of the Bayeux Tapestry Jokes. Nothing's really as ephemeral as the Bayeux Tapestry Jokes.

3) Along those lines, today marks the 5th anniversary of the Massachusetts decision that made same-sex marriage legal in that state. I was in Massachusetts recently, and I noticed that it was still there, and doing fine.

4) Also, on this day in 1883, the railroads created the first time zones. Cause it was the first time we were going fast enough, far enough, to need them. Notice that we're doing fine after that, too, even if sometimes I do call my Mom by mistake when she's sleeping cause I forget that Albuquerque isn't on Pittsburgh time.

5) Also, daylight savings, while I'm thinking about it. That hasn't caused us horrible problems, either, even though back when New Mexico was going on Daylight Savings, a woman wrote in to the Albuquerque Journal to complain, cause her roses could NOT take another hour of sunlight.

And yet, they're still growing roses in Albuquerque, even though now there's an extra hour of sun every day. Life goes on.

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Owldaughter said...

That Bayeux Tapestry funny just made my day. Thank you.

(Why yes, this day has been rather trying. Why do you ask?)