02 November 2008

Bossy Corgi and the Bad Dog Class

I'm pleased to report that Rhys, after two sessions at the Adult Basic Dog Class, has remembered "sit" and "stay" and has now begun to heel. Indeed, walks are much better; more than half the time he's NOT pulling.

Thanks to all the 3,000 years of Welsh farmers, who might have bred a bossy bundle of muscles, but had the good sense to add in brains and an enormous desire to eat all things in sight. An obsession with food is a benefit to training.

In other news, I'm bemused, but chuffed, that somebody surfed in here after googling "naughty site."

Yep. Naughty sites, naughty dogs, that's what we're all about around here.

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CarlBrannen said...

Since dogs have so much better senses of taste than people, doesn't it follow that we should be eating the things they eat? Maybe we're missing out when we turn our noses up at stuff like week-old road-kill. Maybe it's an acquired taste, like all those foreign delicacies you and my brother eat and I won't touch.