10 November 2008

A meme! A meme! And it's not obnoxious!

Thanks to my brilliant friend Cindy over at My Brilliant Mistakes, we have a subject today. Cindy wrote a blog post on ten things she loves that start with the letter J, and said that if you asked her in the comments, she would give you a letter and then you could blog about it. And tell people that if they ask in the comments, you'll give them a letter to blog about.

The bestest part of this meme is that, instead of me picking y'all, you pick yourselves! yay! True freedom.

My letter, according to Cindy, is S.

My ten S things:


1) Saturdays. Saturdays rock. Sometimes they involve working on the outside of the house, sometimes they involve shopping expeditions to the bookstore or the co-op, sometimes they involve Bad Dog Class, but whatever it is, it's different than it was on the five days previous, and for that, it is excellent.

2) Snow Storms. I missed them in San Francisco, and I'm glad to have them back, and really, they're WAY more dramatic here than they were in Albuquerque (though if one were in Taos Pittsburgh snow would pale), and Rhys loves them, especially when they are higher than his legs -- which isn't that hard to accomplish -- and he has to bounce.

3) Stage. Really, there's nothing like the theatre, no how, no way.

4) San Francisco. Do I miss it? Yes, I do. But mostly I'm just grateful that a large portion of my young adult life was spent there. I got a LOT of education in San Francisco, in many different areas, and had I been anyplace else at that piece of my life, I would be fundamentally different, and I'm happy with how things turned out. So blessings on that city/area.

5) Shepherds (dog variety). I love herding dogs. I love their intelligence, and their passion, and the things they think up to do, and the way they insist on working with humans towards the greater good. Granted, my Cardigan Corgi is a sort of anomaly -- the only herding dog known for what's euphemistically called "creative disobedience" -- but that's why I ended up with one.

6) Sex. Hello.

7) Summer. I used to hate the summer, but it turns out that had more to do with my then obesity than summer itself. The heat is fine by me now. And all that time! I love it! And I get to go to work anyway, but not teach, just read books and write stuff! Cool!

8) Swans. They are gorgeous, which I like, and also they are gawdawful, which I also like. I mean, you do NOT want to mess with one. Once in the Lake District I had to protect the baby from an enraged swan -- enraged cause we happened to walk by and it saw us, not cause we were doing anything. I love them. Terrible animals.

9) Siblings. I have two -- brothers -- and I love them dearly. They know where I'm coming from. They've got my back. Do not mess with them, or I will say Bad Things about you.

10) Spanish Inquisition. Didn't expect that, did ya? But nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

Now, if you like, it's your turn; leave me a comment, and I'll give you a letter. (And even if NOBODY wants a letter, I've still gotten through my daily NaBloMoPo obligation! Cindy! You rule!)


Marjie said...

No, I'm not asking for a letter cause I don't want one.
But, I'm still messing around on the computer when I should be walking the dog. So I shall get off the computer and go walk the dog.
Plus, I have a cool new torch for dark of the year dog walking. It rocks. It is very tiny and very bright.

Anonymous said...

Alas, I would love a letter, but have no blog.

Off to take the Terriers to Agility,

Jezebel xoxo