22 November 2008

Getting Ready for the Vacation

In a couple of days we'll be leaving for Albuquerque, where I hope to God my brother, may he be blessed forever and may all his actions bring him peace and harmony, isn't trying to figure out how to make wheat-free stuffing. Cause I'm the only one who NEEDS things that are wheat-free, everybody likes REAL stuffing, and I'm pretty sure that stuffing made with Fake Bread will taste nasty.

As help for all of us going off to see the relatives -- or having them over -- for American Thanksgiving, The Nest brings us Topics to Avoid at Thanksgiving Dinner.

Luckily, they also give you a list of Safe Things to Talk About:

Recent vacations
Funny characters at work
The delicious food
Winter/holiday plans
Sports (unless someone at the table is a diehard fan with a hot temper)
The weather
Apolitical movies/TV shows (prepare by catching up on Mad Men and Lost)
And when all else fails: puppies!

Look for lots of discussions of Rhys: How He's Doing at Bad Dog School, at your dinner table in Albuquerque.


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