13 November 2008

Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!

My favorite news feed, Nothing to Do with Arbroath, warns us today that teaching your dog to bring you the mail may be dangerous to its health. Cymbeline, a Scottish terrier in Colchester, had his jaws glued stuck by the high gloss finish on a fast food menu. Now, admittedly, those of us living in the States are probably not getting Roosters menus in the mail -- at least not from the take-away in Colchester High Street -- but who knows which restaurants might be using that same formula instant glue for their high gloss menus! Let us all be careful.

In related dog news closer to home -- well, if you live in my house -- Rhys, having gone to three Bad Dog Classes, is now EXCELLENT on his walks,* when I bring along the cheese and pepperoni, cause he thinks he's at school. Ha, ha.
*Well, except when he sees 1) the crossing guard who gives him biscuits every morning; 2) his beloved friend Remy, the Papillion, 3) Big Dogs he wants to herd and boss, or 4) the entrance to Bad Dog School, which is a clue to him that he's getting treats once he gets in the door.

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