09 November 2008

Turning Around

I think I finally caught up on sleep, after the historic week. Historic weeks, if they fall during the school semester, involve staying up late refreshing the computer screen and watching the news, and then later in the week staying up late to grade the papers that didn't get graded during the heat of the historic week.

All this culminated, on Friday night, with me getting lost on the way to a restaurant that's really easy to find, if you're not me on not enough sleep.

I never used to get lost, back in the long long ago, but a few years ago I started getting lost All. The. Time.

I knew it was an embodied metaphor for something or other, but I could not see what it was.

Now, looking back, I know that I had, in my life, taken a Wrong Turn, and I kept telling myself that, and I kept not listening.

Till I did. Now I don't get lost anymore. I have back my old confidence that all is well, and all is well, and all manner of things are well, and if I take the wrong turn somewhere I just turn around.

So I'm glad to report that I did, indeed, get to the restaurant Friday night, after some tears.

Should I worry that I've taken another wrong turn in my life and this was a symbol of it? I don't think so (I'm on CONSTANT monitoring these days, anyway) -- not a big one.

I needed to be sleeping, probably.

So I slept a LOT yesterday. When I wasn't busy over at Change.org, working on helping my country stay on the right path, now that we turned around.

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