30 November 2008

Novenber 30: Posts Every Day for the Whole Damn Month

As soon as I hit the "post" button, I will have fulfilled the NaBloPoMo challenge of blogging every day for the month of November.

Eden wants to know if we managed to be thought-provoking every day, or if we feel like we clogged up the Internet.

Hell, no, I didn't clog up the Internet! No way!

Especially now that I get the Arbroath RSS feed, so that I can tell you that you can buy a 2009 calendar with naked zookeepers at the Dudley Zoo, so as to contribute funds to the Madagascar campaign to keep lemurs in the wild, or that the United States is only 6th on the list of the most promiscuous countries (Britain rules).

Wasting your time! I think not.

Next on the NaBloPoMo plan is "thanks" all through December, which sounds like fun. I'm in.


Owldaughter said...

I've loved having my daily Pandora fix these past thirty days. Can it be NaBloPoMo every month?

Anonymous said...

i never thought the zoo would make me blush.
(but i cannot wait to get that calendar!)
i love how thankful they are that the animals behaved themselves during the photo shoot--especially because this is written just underneath the picture of the wide-eyed lemur that looks like he/she has just been violated by three zoo keepers.