27 November 2008

Here's What's Under the Wallpaper at Nutwood

The current project over at the house formerly known as Nutwood concerns the master bedroom, which is getting painted. There was wallpaper in there when we started; it looked like it had been put in in maybe the 70's -- large grey and blue flowers, striped background. When we next get pictures, I expect we'll be able to see the lavender walls with white trim, but this morning we received this excellent picture of the walls with the wallpaper off, and the patching put in. You can see that the trim is being stripped -- the current paint job is peeling off, because it was painted over varnish. You can see that there's a LOT of patching needed.
And up at the top, you can see the black border, that went all around the wall up at the ceiling. I'm wondering how many rooms had that.
I don't know whether it's original; the surface you see there isn't the original plaster, but the paper put up on the original plaster, that's left when you take the wallpaper down.
If you know anything about Victorian black borders, and wallpapering and plastering techniques, and can say more about the black border, let me know in the comments!
When we get photos of the newly painted room, I'll share those, too.


Marjie said...

I see a transome I'd not thought to look for before. Will you restore that? My Grandma's house had rooms with transomes.

Pandora said...

Yes, we think that's the original transom glass under teh paint -- Laura's room has the original too, but mine is a wooden replacement.

CarlBrannen said...

Oh that's what a transom is. Montevista Elementary had these. I'd known the word mostly from the nautical usage.

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